PriMedia is a national media buying and internationally recognized direct marketing firm. PriMedia was founded on the basic premise that most advertisers unknowingly pay far more money for media than they need to and these advertisers would welcome the opportunity to save 20% to 40% while still receiving the exact same broadcast schedules. The accuracy of this premise can best be judged by the fact that PriMedia’s buyers have spent literally billions of media dollars over the last 35 years for thousands of clients, including print, digital and traditional media...a record of success and accomplishment that makes PriMedia uniquely qualified to plan and place your media and/or design your overall marketing plan.


PriMedia’s executives and employees all have previous experience in the broadcast industry or print media. PriMedia operates as a “virtual agency“. This structure allows us to instantly expand our capabilities through partnership affiliations with leading design, production, direct mail, printing and public relation firms. This provides our clients with an affordable pool of top executives, giving them a better product at a lower price. If requested, we are capable of providing any and all advertising services and resources you need, at an award-winning and extremely cost efficient level, and equal to any marketing challenge.


PriMedia’s core team of experienced media professionals employs a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the broadcast, traditional and digital advertising, and direct response industries. PriMedia brings a totally unique approach to media buying because of our decades of experience working at agencies, stations, and as the client. In fact, PriMedia is one of the few agencies in the world where the principles of the firm have spent hundreds of millions of dollars of their own money on advertising. Having worked “both sides of the desk” provides an expertise and advantage that is uncommon in the industry.

At PriMedia, our philosophy, and the key to our success, is simple:


Based on decades of spending our own money on media and marketing programs nationwide, our philosophy on your behalf is simple: We spend your money like it was our own—carefully, effectively and efficiently!

This unique approach works because of our past experience as both agency and client, our years of experience working on the “selling side” of media, our extensive knowledge of what the lowest possible prices are on stations, and because of our ability to obtain the most efficient placement of media, no mater what form it takes.

In summary, we are, consistently able to provide our clients with 20%-40% savings on media expenditures, while delivering better and more effective and efficient schedules.


Global Scope

We negotiate and place media on behalf of ourselves and our clients throughout The United States and Canada in nearly all radio, television, print, and outdoor markets, as well as in 185 countries around the globe.

Want to learn more about PriMedia’s approach?

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