As Western Region Marketing Director for Blimpie International, I have had the pleasure of working closely with PriMedia for the past three years.

I have found them to be responsive and effective. They flown, driven, and ridden trains to get to last minute meetings, have joined in on conference calls on a moment’s notice, put together media plans on tight deadlines, and generally went beyond the call of duty in their service to Blimpie.

PriMedia consistently over-delivered on target GRP’s, reach and frequency on every buy they made for us and routinely negotiated 20 to 30% savings off station and publication rates. Cost per point (CPP) plus another 20 to 30% in value added exposure on every buy they made for us in numerous markets nationwide.

I wholeheartedly recommend PriMedia to any company seeking marketing and media expertise, and that is interested in increasing their business.

Greg Zearfoss – Western Region Marketing Director

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