PriMedia has “…consistently exceeded our expectations and delivered on their promises from day one. I have found PriMedia to be diligent and consistently on target with the broadcast and print recommendations they have made and flawless in their execution. Based on my experiences working with them, I would recommend PriMedia and its staff without hesitation. They truly do go above and beyond in their creativity, strategic thinking, and responsiveness. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Mary Wyatt Sr. VP Marketing and Publications, AAA Northeast

“Their media buy was the best we’ve ever had, generating three times the impressions as our previous buy at the same cost. I find their representatives to be tenacious and hard working and their research thorough. PriMedia also provided enormous detail regarding services performed, so we can, in turn, provide detailed information to our franchisees. PriMedia has my most enthusiastic recommendation.”

Richard BowenPresident, Honey Dew Associates, Inc.

“I have been extremely impressed with the hard work and professional qualities PriMedia has displayed. Through PriMedia, I believe our budget is being spent as efficiently as possible and as a direct result, we are getting optimal results, in terms of the best Cost Per Leads and Cost Per Orders in our company’s history.”

Mike Charteris General Manager, Stannah

“PriMedia Inc. has done an outstanding job on our account. In fact, they have saved us approximately 30% while buying the exact same media schedules and they also delivered thousands of free spots which our in-house agency never provided.”

Ben FinneranDirector of Marketing, Dairy Mart

As Western Region Marketing Director for Blimpie International, I have had the pleasure of working closely with PriMedia for the past three years.

I have found them to be responsive and effective. They flown, driven, and ridden trains to get to last minute meetings, have joined in on conference calls on a moment’s notice, put together media plans on tight deadlines, and generally went beyond the call of duty in their service to Blimpie.

PriMedia consistently over-delivered on target GRP’s, reach and frequency on every buy they made for us and routinely negotiated 20 to 30% savings off station and publication rates. Cost per point (CPP) plus another 20 to 30% in value added exposure on every buy they made for us in numerous markets nationwide.

I wholeheartedly recommend PriMedia to any company seeking marketing and media expertise, and that is interested in increasing their business.

Greg ZearfossWestern Region Marketing Director, Blimpie International

“I have had the pleasure of working with PriMedia since 1993 (13 years) when we had just 36 stores in 3 states; today we have 85 stores in 5 states! Town Fair Tire could not have experienced the rapid growth that we have without their help. PriMedia promised to save us money and that is exactly what they have done with DOCUMENTED savings averaging 28% per year and hundreds of thousands of dollars in value added exposure. They are trusted friends and the best media strategists and buyers in New England! I recommended their professional services and personal attributes to anyone!”

Jim UlianoVice President of Marketing, Town Fair Tire

“When faced with launching our Cinnabon Brand in the UK, PriMedia put together an innovative, targeted, and affordable launch program for that country. But why stop there? They (also worked) to get us on TV in the Middle East for the first time ever. So as you can see, their expertise is not limited to the U.S.

Greg ZearfossDirector of International Marketing, Focus Brands

“PriMedia’s strength is in securing advertising schedules at the lowest possible rates. More importantly, their entire staff works to make you feel like you are their only customer. PriMedia succeeds in exceeding our goals when it comes to securing media exposure, using every dollar as efficiently and effectively as possible. “You get what you pay for” is very appropriate for PriMedia.”

Sean HoeingFranchise & Co-op President, Sylvan Learning

“To me, PriMedia is the media police. If a station tries to charge too much, PriMedia will bust-em. If they don’t deliver the points promised, then PriMedia’s post buy analysis will bust-em. Mess up traffic instructions and they’ll be busted. I sleep better at night knowing PriMedia is at work protecting our advertising investment. It’s rare to find an organization that is as dedicated to their work as PriMedia. They enjoy what they do, take pride in it and deliver results! What more can I say?”

Mike Perlini Director of Marketing, Tasca

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