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[ The Primedia Experience ]

Why Primedia PRS?

We know how to cast the right nets.

Our proprietary methodology allows us to deliver the lowest rates possible on everything from creative, to production, media, and more.

Simply put, we deliver more bang for your marketing buck!

Read all about our process, proven track record, and our focus on patient enrollment in our eBook!

[ Crossing the Finish Line ]

Our Results

PriMedia gives you more impact and better ROI while cutting your costs.

Our results are driven by data. We’re experts at collecting and interpreting information garnered from various groups such as Nielson Media Research to help guide our client’s messages in front of their desired audiences, while data from SQAD and Kantar Media ensure that our rates remain competitive.

Where Large Centralized Agencies double-dip, charging you more for less, we budget your money to ensure a level of efficient spending. In addition, our third-party digital and mobile data suppliers provide us with up-to-date information on media consumption, enabling us to target audiences with extreme accuracy. This level of effective scheduling cuts costs, further saving you money.

For cost-savings examples and individual case studies, please view our eBook

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[ The Primedia Edge ]

Our Recognition

Experience is one thing, but we’ve got over 30 international ECHO and NEDMA awards for creative excellence and documented results to back us up.

We’re ringing our own bell, here!

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