Volvo – Regional and Local


With the increased use of mobile devices in the luxury class sector to engage potential customers how could Volvo best  take advantage of this trend to “Drive” a high percentage users to schedule a test drive at their local Volvo Retailer.


PriMedia Solution:

Volvo Mobile Campaigns were expanded to include extensive geo-targeting based on a series of highly selective criteria channeling users to a fully-developed mobile microsite. Further engagement by the user allowed them to view a gallery of various Volvo models, the current promotional and rebate offers in their market, the current: 30 TV commercial in their market, Volvo Retailers in their market based on user location in the geo-fenced area. The potential customer could then choose to either go to a specific Volvo Retailer mobile-site or ultimately to direct click-to-call a Volvo Retailer to schedule a test drive. The campaign was not designed to directly sell a large luxury-class item like a Volvo via a mobile device; but rather, to engage a highly-qualified consumer to directly interact with a Volvo Retailer at the store location. The campaign dramatically exceeded industry standards for both user engagement and direct click-to-call. Who said you can’t sell a luxury item via a smartphone!

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